quality bed sheet material

This will be an amazing fact for you that we almost spend a third of our life sleeping and this fact makes our sleeping environment a considerable matter to think about, when we first started to study about the sleeping environment we found that some factors like the lights and sound in the room, temperature of the room, mattress we sleep on and the fabric and quality bed sheet material are the key parts for having a good sleep at night. As our article is about bed sheets here we will only discuss the fabric and key component of a bed sheet that will be beneficial for your health.

quality bed sheet material

Now, first lets we have a look at the options available for bed sheet materials as there are a number of materials available if you search online bed sheets on the internet each with some of their unique qualities.


bed sheet cotton

Cotton is the most general bed sheet fabric used worldwide just because of these simple facts that it is easy to care for, gentle, breathable, generally inexpensive and is one of the strong fabric used in manufacturing quality bed sheets. Cotton is a natural fabric available in many different types like Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton and Upland cotton depending upon the types quality may vary.


bed sheett silk


Silk is considered as a fabric of luxury and is usually expensive there are some unique qualities of silk that makes it different from other fabrics, first, it is produced by silkworm and is a natural fabric that is very soft, smooth and delicate. There are few drawbacks of silk that it is very much expensive and needs extra care to handle it but these drawbacks can easily be ignored if you want a luxurious bed sheet that can also be used as a home décor item.


Bed sheet polyester

Polyester is a synthetic fiber made by man and generally is not preferred as a good bed sheet material because it is hard and rough and is made up of the same polymer used to manufacture bottles of plastic even though it has some quality as well like it does not easily get stains and is a strong fabric that makes it suitable for harsh conditions. You can get so many varieties of polyester when mixed with cotton and other fabrics to make a comfortable bed sheet on home décor online shops.


Bed Sheet Lyocell

This fabric is made up of a combination of cellulose and wood pulp from eucalyptus tree using an advanced spinning technique to form this fabric and is widely used in denim, towels and beautiful bed sheets as this fabric is durable, wrinkle resistant and is also eco friendly as it used much less water and energy in its production as compared to cotton and other fabrics it can feel sticky and is not as breathable as cotton.


Bed sheet Rayon

Commonly known as bamboo fabric this type of fabric has some noticeable qualities as it is a very smooth and firm fabric with a velvety touch and is made up by processing bamboo using advanced techniques although its production is not considered eco friendly as a lot of chemical processing is requires in its production but is very comfortable to wear and to use as a bed sheet material. These are some of the most commonly used best quality bed sheet materials that we have tested so far.



And after a deep analysis of effects on health, we found pure cotton bed sheets as one of the best bed sheet material considering comfort, handling, price and health concerns related to the bed sheet fabric we use. People suffering from different types of allergies can also order anti-allergy cotton bed sheets from home décor online shops, these types of best quality bed sheets are specially designed to prevent allergies from dust mites and allergens from entering the bed.